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Adulting IRL

We Need An Adult

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We Been Here

Mental health is not a joke, and too many of our young adults in the black, brown, and LGBTQ2S+ Fam are struggling, thinking they gotta go at it alone.


So, we're flipping the script by introducing Adulting IRL – a nonprofit created by us for us.

Our goal is to drop these heart-wrenching stats on suicide behaviors – those dark thoughts, and planning moments, actual attempts, and the heartbreaking losses we can't get back.

We want you to know: You are precious, we see you, and you don't have to walk this path alone.


Let's lift each other up, be each other's hype squad, and navigate this game of adulting with all its ups and downs together because we're stronger in unity. Your story... is just getting started. 💜

Pouring Sand
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