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  • I like stuff and things cause... ADHD

  • I was bamboozled into getting my dogs  best trick ever!

  • I have 15 (maybe... I kept losing count 😅) tattoos

  • I'm aggressively kind, helpful, and loyal

My Story

Meet the passionate and aggressively loyal Zoe. Growing up in Portland, OR, Zoe didn’t have people they looked up to, trusted, or who kept them safe. This resulted in Zoe isolating themselves, living most of their life depressed, hurt, and having suicidal thoughts. 


Both of their parents were alcoholics and got divorced when they were 4 years old. Zoe always knew their parents were well-intended and had kind hearts. However, this did not protect Zoe from emotional neglect, long-term sexual abuse, and many other experiences that led them to become a fierce Peer Support and Youth Advocate. 


When Zoe turned 18, they wanted to move to a place where they didn't know anyone and chose Santa Rosa, CA. There, Zoe met someone who changed their life. They introduced Zoe to MMA and massage therapy, and this dichotomy allowed them to hold space for the duality and nuance of the human experience.  MMA gave Zoe a safe place to get their anger out and eventually build confidence to navigate their internal world, feel protected, and be around like-minded people.  Massage therapy allowed them to experience and create an atmosphere of vulnerability and safety through touch. 


Eventually, Zoe moved back to Portland and experienced homelessness and couch-surfed. With nothing to lose, Zoe went on a cruise and moved to Texas with two duffel bags, one filled with jackets and sweatshirts. Zoe didn’t think that last bit through. During their time in Texas, they became a massage therapist and a competitive boxer. After four years, Zoe felt a calling to return home. Knowing deep down, they needed to return to one day feel whole in a place that destroyed them before they could grow.  


In the years since their return to Portland, Zoe became a Wraparound Youth Partner, facilitated and developed training programs, sat on and co-chaired numerous System of Care Committees, and became the Wraparound Regional Manager for a major peer-run organization. Zoe didn’t stop there; they supported both their parents on their sobriety journey, married the woman of their dreams, and built a community of people who support and uplift each other as they navigate fear and success together.


As Adulting IRL’s Peer Training and Director of Training and Professional Development, Zoe is grateful for the opportunity to help support and shape the next generation of peer support and champions who have access to making impactful organizational changes. And most importantly, to make learning fun and accessible from the inside out. 💪🏻🏳️‍🌈✊🏻#IRLHeroes

Holla At Me

"Darkness creates a contrast that brings beauty to light."

Zoe Liberty-Farrell


M Desiree Bansile


Executive Director

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