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Our Work

  1. Create a vulnerable space where youth and young adults can feel seen, heard, valued, and empowered to explore and embrace their authentic selves.

  2. Restore youth and young adults' belief in their strength, power, and love for themselves.

  3. Teach youth and young adults social and emotional skills and how to apply them in real-life situations.

  4. Support adult allies to create opportunities for youth and young adults to practice these skills.

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#ISeeYou is a forty (40) hour training program created by Adulting IRL to certify Youth Peer Support Specialists according to the requirements of the Oregon Health Authority. #ISeeYou fills the gaps of intersectionality when providing youth peer support by training through the cultural lens of individuals who identify as BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+. With a high-quality, competent curriculum, Adulting IRL can certify culturally specific Youth Peer Support Specialists in the State of Oregon. ​

What You Get​

  1. Learn Peer Support tools and strategies.

  2. Learn how to apply peer support tools and strategies in real life.

  3. Learn Peer Support competencies

  4. Introduction to peer support and why it is essential.


#Amplify&Thrive was created as a way to support Peer Leaders who are entering a Supervisory role. We use the principles of Healing Centered Engagement (HCE) and Youth Peer Support to understand how peer support can show up for youth and young adults to help them heal from trauma and build skills that will restore their self-awareness and agency. #Amplify&Thrive focuses on providing Peer Leaders with real-world application of supervision.

What You Get 

  1. Understand and apply principles and competencies of Peer Support.

  2. Understand and apply supervision domains and competencies.

  3. Supervise from a healing-centered approach.

  4. Build a window of tolerance while navigating disciplinary feedback.

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